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Teeth Whitening Simi Valley, CAMeticulously brushing and flossing your teeth, and not missing your routine dental checkups, are generally enough to keep your teeth healthy and shiny. However, if you still believe your teeth are not as pearly white as you want them to be, Simi Hills Dental offers you tooth whitening treatments.

Tooth whitening can be a very effective way to lighten and brighten the natural color of your teeth without harming the enamel. Contrary to popular belief, tooth whitening cannot change the color of your teeth; it just lightens the existing shade. So people with intrinsically yellow or grey dental stains may need to explore other dental treatment options.

How Does Our Simi Valley Teeth Whitening Work?

At Simi Hills Dental, Dr. Stout will perform an oral exam and view your medical history to determine why your teeth are yellowing or become discolored and if whitening is the appropriate treatment for you.

Teeth whitening itself is a simple process that involves the application of whitening agents that contain either hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen carbamide to bleach your teeth. These whitening agents help to break extrinsic stains into smaller pieces, which make your teeth bright again.

We will take an impression of your teeth and create a custom-fitted mouth tray that will allow for the most effective and maximum contact of the whitening agent with your teeth surface. It will also minimize contact of the gel tray with your gums, which can otherwise result in gum irritation and inflammation.

Although at-home whitening kits are available at pharmacies, whitening treatment at Simi Hills Dental is much more effective since we use a bleaching solution that is much more concentrated than the ones provided in at-home kits. The concentration can range from 15 to 43 percent. We also use heat and light to accelerate the whitening process and may also apply a rubber shield to protect your gums and other soft tissue of the mouth from coming into contact with the bleaching gel. Over-the-counter products do not provide these safety measures.

People who get teeth whitening treatments at Simi Hills Dental can see their teeth become three to eight shades brighter after several sessions that typically take 30 minutes to one hour.

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Are you interested in having whiter teeth and a radiant smile? Now is the time to talk to our dental team about a Simi Valley teeth whitening solution that is best for you. Schedule your appointment today to discuss options with our dental team!

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